It's been a wonderful journey. And now that I'm published, there are some things that I would do differently.

Self publishing is great. I would not change that about my journey. But what I would change is how I went about self-publishing. I published individually on KDP (Amazon), Barnes & Nobles Press, and Google Play Books. That's three different accounts and three different sales reports to watch. I'm going crazy with managing them all. Plus, uploading the books five different times, because I also had the Kindle and Nook versions of Love Lost.

The formatting for the book covers for the paperback on KDP and Nook are different, so there's a slight different between the two, which I'm not too happy with. I had to remove the Nook version, because even though it looked great during the setup, the published version looked horrible. I just don't have the energy to reformat and reload it.

Then there's the issues I'm having with my KDP sales report. I've had them open up an investigation about it. Let's just say that I'm less than happy with the results.

Moving forward, I will be publishing via Ingram Spark. If Ingram sounds familiar to you, it's because they are one of the largest publishers and distributors in the world. Everything from children's books to textbooks, they've published it. It's less than $100 to setup each title for both paperback and e-book, and they put it EVERYWHERE! Their printers are used for each sale/request so, I'd have only one sales report to look at and the book will look exactly the same, no matter what platform it is purchased from.

I'm considering pulling Love Lost off B&N and Amazon and reloading it via Ingram Spark. Plus, they are running a special right now. Title setup is free with coupon code NANWRIMO (verify the code). And I will be able to establish a presale on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles for the paperback. Doing them individually, I could only do that on BN Press. KDP doesn't allow that for paperback.

Other than the hiccups mentioned above, I've loved everything about being published! It has been more than three years in the making!