you say he doesn't care about your feelings...


I get a lot of my inspiration for my blog posts and IGTV videos from interactions I have on social media. This week's blog post is no different.

So, ladies (and gents if you are in this same toxic situation), are you in a relationship with someone that doesn’t care about your feelings? Are you in love with this person?

Guess what?

They do not care about you as a person or y’all very one-sided relationship and you are in said relationship by yourself. Harsh reality but reality, nonetheless. The time and energy you have & want to continue to put into this person/relationship would be much better spent investing in yourself. Hell, putting that time and energy into a goldfish would be better than putting it into that relationship. At least then you would have the ROI of seeing something thrive and flourish, whether it is you or Flounder.

Let me ask you this: when are you going to love yourself more than you love this person, who by their own actions and admission does not care about the love you are giving them? Are you not worth being loved in return? Does it not matter to you to have your feelings and efforts reciprocated? In addition to those questions, you should also be asking yourself why you keep playing yourself. Because after a certain point, it’s no longer them responsible for your heartbreak but you when you intentionally chose to stay in such a situation.

Before you start claiming the one you love (and doesn’t love you back, remember) is damaged and they just need to be loved through their hurt, please be aware that you are not Dr. Fix a Soul. It is not your responsibility to fix someone, especially when you aren’t the cause of their pain and trauma. It is also not okay for you to be their emotional punching bag while you give them everything you have, and they give you nothing but momentary orgasms. When you are honest with yourself, you will see that is all they are giving you beside bruises to your emotional, mental, spiritual self.

Here’s another truth: You can’t make them love you back.

I said what I said and I'll say it again.

You can’t make them love you back. If they don’t already reciprocate those feelings back to you, despite of how you’ve been holding them down, how much love, time, and energy you’ve been putting into them, they probably never will. You and I both know love does not work that way.

For your own sake, stop setting yourself up to be the one that is left because he suddenly found someone that makes him feel something. Realize that to this person, you are nothing more than a pastime while they continue to avoid the self-healing they need to do. And no, waiting around for them to heal and finally love you is not in your best interest. Not only will that compound the hurt you are currently feeling but they won’t be the same person you fell in love with. That’s what healing does. It changes you to some degree. You may not even like them anymore and there’s a good chance they will like you even less than what they do now.

Take a deep breath. Reassure yourself that you are worth more. Know there is someone out there that will see you for the gem you are. But know one can see that with all that toxicity around you at the current moment. Give your soul the sunshine and healing it needs. You will find your way and your one will find you.

Hugs and kisses.